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Saguaro cactus

Saguaro cactus. The beauty of nature surrounds us everywhere . Nature inspires , amazes , rejoice . We are defenseless before her . Looking at her creation , you understand that there is nothing more perfect and diverse . buy

Painting: Paper, Watercolor, Ink, Paint and Color on Paper.

Saguaro cactus. Painting.
Size: 42 H x 29.6 W x 0.1 cm


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About Maria Barchan

I am Maria Barchan. I live in Russia . I have an art education . My art is different . There are graphics and painting . I create my paintings in a mixed author’s style . In my works I want to express myself , my viev of this world . My artgraphics show it . I see our world as extraordinarily beautiful , intriguing , exciting . The world around us is a reflection of ourselves, our choice.

I have been meditating for 8 years . This practce has taught me a lot . Self-control , concentration , positive attitude , self-confidence is only a part of what I learned through meditation .
I am very grateful that I have talent , I can create and receive joy from it . I am happy to share this with you .