The leaves

The leaves

The leaves . This picture creates a good mood. Looking at it is impossible to be sad. Nature has bright contrasting colors in summer. The picture was made in my author’s mixed style. Black contour underlines color contrast. Translucent colors show the tenderness and fragility of the leaves. The picture is filled with air. Curls around the leaves give us a feeling of light wind. Buy.

Painting: Watercolor, Ink, Color, Paper on Paper, Other.

The leaves . Size: 41.9 W x 29.7 H x 0.1 cm

Yellow circles

Yellow circles

Yellow circles . This picture of a person during the day . Thoughts are repeated , intertwined . There is a general background of thinking . There are also lines accompanying the main thoughts . There are images that attract the attention of man . And there are a lot of different little thigs , event , conversations related to other people . Buy.

Drawing: Ink, Pencil and Paper on Paper and Other.

Yellow circles. Size: 21 H x 29.7 W x 0.3 cm


Flowering banana

Flowering banana . This incredible and perfect creation of nature , striking in it’s shape and color . It takes 8-10 months for nature to create this beauty . 1 banana leaf grows per week . Flowers like and then fruits grow in tiers , making an extraordinary impression of the tower . Buy

Painting: Watercolor, Ink and Paper on Paper and Other.

Flowering banana . Painting .
Size: 29.7 H x 41.9 W x 0.3 cm