About Me

I am Maria Barchan . I live in Russia. I have an art education. My art is different. There are graphics and painting. In my works I want to express myself, my viev of this world. My artgraphics show it. I see our world as extraordinarily beautiful, intriguing, exciting. The world around us is a reflection of ourselves, our choice. I have been meditating for 8 years. This practce has taught me a lot. Self-control, concentration, positive attitude, self-confidence is only a part of what I learned through meditation.
I am very grateful that I have talent, I can create and receive joy from it. I am happy to share this with you.

I stutter. In my creation I want to express what I cannot say…
I stutter from 3 years old. Almost all my life. But this is not a bad story, but such an interesting and happy living of mine. Theoretically, stuttering is a disease in which a person’s speech depends on the involuntary extension and repetition of sounds. Practically, stuttering person feels a spasm in his throat and tonque, he can’t say anything at his moment and can hardly shut up. Speech stops, thoughts go astray, emotions overwhelm him. Information that a person wants to convey is interrupted halfway. It is frustrating and often makes you give up what a individual wants. A stuttering person is often engaged in work that doesn’t require a lot of talk. Also it happened to me. From childhood I had a talent for a drawing and my parents decided that the Best profession for me would be an artist. It wasn’t easy for me, because I didn’t think my drawings were good or worthy.
I haven’t painted for many years.
Now I understand that drawing is a way of expression for me, a therapy that helps me to understand and accept myself. Now I stutter much less than in childhood. But it makes itself felt every day. When I draw, I listen to myself, and express my thoughts, feelings, dreams, fantasies. This is a constantly changing process. Due to my condition chage, my painting changes also. As there is nothing permanent in nature, everything changes so I follow it. Hope my works will rise up your mood and vibrations.